We are a family run company. The founder Late Mr. Arun Bhat showed us the way and we continue to improvise on what we think should be the style of travel. More Local!

Mayur and Asha Bhat take care of the operations in Mumbai and the branch offices and manage the international wing, Anubhav Vacations Pvt Ltd. Anirudh and Prachi Bhat take care of the Karnataka operations which is the most important of our domestic side of work.

Mayur and Asha travel on all the international tour and Anirudh and Prachi personally attend to the tourists in the Green World Resort, Sirsi.

With an able team to support us and to take ahead the cause of ‘tourism’ we keep doing what we love the most. To travel and to show people places that have nature and culture at its center.

Who we are?

We are two companies under one brand name ‘Anubhav’. Anubhav Holidays travels with people in India and has its expertise in Himachal, Kerala and our beloved, Karnataka. Anubhav Vacations travels with people internationally to distant lands and explores them through the eyes of local culture and nature. Founded in 1981 by Shri Arun Bhat, we continue to walk the path set by him.

What we do?

We travel and that’s what we love to do. Our itineraries are more inclined to God’s creations than man-made structures. We promote destinations and try not to sell them. When you travel with us, appreciating the tour goes hand in hand with falling in love with the place. We believe that the most important thing after ‘itinerary planning’ is the service which we love to extend through our personal touch on all our tours.

For International Enquiries

Since most of our tours are ‘off the beaten track’ we would ask you to call either Mayur +91 982 033 8342, 022 407 47 605 or Asha +91 981 902 3163, 022 40747617 in Mumbai. When they are traveling, which happens to be most of the time. You can call Parth or Swarup in Mumbai.

For more information visit- www.anubhavvacations.in


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